Bitcoin Trading Bot Part 7: Integration of more technical indicators, implementing normalization techniques, and testing everything.

Bitcoin Trading Bot Part 6: A guide to using cryptocurrency OHCL data to train RL Bitcoin trading agent to beat the market.

Bitcoin Trading Bot Part 5: A tutorial on integrating technical indicators into our trading bot to make it learn better trading decisions.

Part 4: A guide to improving deep RL Bitcoin trading agent code to make more money with a better reward strategy.

Bitcoin Trading Bot Part 3: A tutorial for developing a Bitcoin trading bot using reinforcement learning.

Part 2: A guide to rendering a visualization of the RL Bitcoin trading bot using matplotlib and Python.

Bitcoin Trading Bot Part 1: A step-by-step guide for creating a Bitcoin trading environment.

A guide for creating an aimbot for Counter-Strike Global Offensive using YOLOv4 real-time object detection.

A tutorial for speeding up the process of training a neural network to detect custom objects.

A tutorial on using Multiprocessing in Python for making TensorFlow and YOLO object detection work faster.

What is Multiprocessing?

Rokas Balsys

Machine learning enthusiast

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